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Any sort of Culture you imagine is found in Olaxis. The denizens of the galaxy live in cosmopolitan megacities that cover entire planets, in rural farming villages on the surfaces of moons, down mine shafts drilled deep into asteroids, under the sea in research vessels, on derelict space stations, and anywhere else you imagine. A planet, moon, asteroid, or space station can hold many cultures.

Your character comes from a Culture in The Olaxis Galaxy that helped informed their outlook and upbringing. You can pick one of the examples listed here or create your own and add it to the world. Each Culture has the following elements that help shape your character: borders, diversity, economics, and population density.

In a galaxy where resources are disappearing, money is just as important as a character’s Skills and abilities. All of your Skills start with d4 dice sizes. When a Story Path allows you to increase the die size of one of your Skills, you must always have at least one skill die of every die size. You can’t upgrade a skill if it’s the only one with that die size.

Example Cultures

Here are some Example Cultures that already exist in Olaxis.

Sample Cultures
Culture   Borders   Diversity   Economics   Density
Aerenaze System Isolationist Inclusive Wealthy Urban
Ardone System Open Homogenous Poor Rural
Cavabell Asteroid Field Open Inclusive Poor Rural
Dright System Open Partitioned Wealthy Rural
Fragon Station Open Homogenous Poor Urban
Gulgi the Magnificent Isolationist Inclusive Intermediate Suburban
Herzot System Open Partitioned Intermediate Urban
Marthong System Isolationist Homogenous Wealthy Suburban
Murtath System Selective Homogenous Intermediate Suburban
Panlinh System Selective Partitioned Intermediate Suburban
Pax System Isolationist Homogenous Intermediate Urban
Ozobny System Selective Inclusive Wealthy Urban
Schee System Selective Inclusive Poor Rural
Suukap System Open Partitioned Poor Rural
Tsela Open Inclusive Intermediate Urban
Valdi System Selective Homogenous Wealthy Urban
Yvlen System Open Inclusive Poor Rural


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