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Burn Bryte


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Herzot System

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The Herzot System is the place to find mercenaries with loose morals. The planet and its three moons are the place to find soldiers of fortune, criminals without scruples, and others with Skills they’ll put to use for pay. Every vice imaginable is for sale in the anarchic system. Those who go there should approach with caution.



Open cultures allow people and refugees to pass, visit, and reside freely, though they may have some requirements for entry, such as a border authority that asks questions of visitors before allowing them to enter.

Bonus: If you come from an open Culture, increase the dice sizes of one of your Social Skills to a d12, one of your Physical Skills to a d10, any other skill to a d10, any two Skills you want to a d8, and any three other skill to a d6.

Population Density


Urban cultures, like those found in cities and crowded space stations, are densely populated. Living quarters are smaller, and there are usually a variety of services nearby given how many people are packed together.

Bonus: If you come from an urban Culture, you gain one special ability from your Species.



Partitioned cultures consist of at least two different Species living in close proximity but rarely interacting with one another. They are generally confined to their own neighborhoods. One Species may hold all or most of the power in the Culture.

Bonus: If you come from a Partitioned Culture, you gain one special ability and two Nova Abilities from your Species. In addition, you can increase the dice sizes of three of your Skills to a d6.

Economic Status


Intermediate cultures have enough economic opportunity for most people to make a living, but most are not fabulously Wealthy either. Intermediate cultures can be found on the outskirts of the Heartworlds and in the Midbelt.

Bonus: If you come from an Intermediate Culture, you gain 5,000 Argent to buy your starting Equipment. In addition, increase the dice sized of two of your Skills by 1.


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