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Burn Bryte


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Parts of a Spaceship

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Every team of player characters has a ship to call their own. Every Burn Bryte campaign in Roll20 should already have a page designated for handling the ship, its parts, and spaceship Combat. Below is an example of what a ship map looks like.

Here are detailed descriptions of each section of a ship map. While each vessel is different, these core areas are the same for every map.

Spaceship Interior

The ship interior has several unique zones. Each ship interior has a ceiling that is 15 feet high in most areas.

  • Cockpit. This is an outlined area where a creature must be to pilot the ship. During spaceship Combat there are specific actions that can be taken by creatures in this area. Outside of Combat and situations that require fine control of the ship (such as navigating an asteroid field), the MI can pilot the vessel.
  • Engine. This is an outlined area where a creature can control the engine output of the ship. Every ship has at least one engine. During spaceship Combat there are specific actions that can be taken by creatures in an engine area. 
  • MI Jack. This outlined area is a hardwired point where a creature can attach themselves to the ship and move into MI space, the magical place where the ship’s magical intelligence lives. This allows them to directly interact with and defend the MI. Every ship has at least one MI Jack.
  • Customizable Areas. These are outlined areas on the ship where the player characters can install modules to truly make the vehicle their own. Each module is different and has its own set of mechanics. Most require you to be in one of the spaces where the module is located in order to user their features.
  • Sectors. Each spaceship is divided into sectors. Sectors are areas of the ship that can be blocked off. In the event of a fire or hull breach, each sector can be walled off to contain the damage. More details about how sectors work can be found in “Spaceship Combat.”

Magical Intelligence Space 

This space on the map is a visual representation of the space where the ship’s magical intelligence lives. This is not a physical space but a magical plane of existence where characters can go to directly interact with the MI. The player characters can talk to the MI while inside the ship or from anywhere by using communication badges, but being in MI space allows them to protect the MI and use certain Special Abilities.

During gameplay a token for the MI should always be located in this zone. If a creature enters the zone, they can jack into MI space. When a creature does this, their token should remain at the MI Jack (as that is where their body is), and a second token for the creature should be placed in MI space to represent their spirit. While in MI space, a creature’s physical body (the token at the MI jack) cannot make skill rolls or take actions and Attacks that are not physical Attacks (such as those made with a weapon) made from outside MI space against the creature’s body have no effect on the creature.

Ship Exterior

The area outside the ship is divided into eight zones, near and far for all four sides of the ship. These zones are where other ships are located during spaceship Combat, and they move about the zones during Combat. Player characters are not capable of entering these zones without risking death unless they have Species abilities, spells, or Equipment that allow them to safely be in space.


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