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Spaceships and Spaceship Combat

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An ulran pilot pulls back hard on a spaceship’s controls, dodging through a field of lasers fired by enemy vessels. A Driftling fires a missile cannon at a distant lightning fighter, exploding the enemy ship in a fireball. Two gleans work hard with tools in the engine room, rerouting power to escape an incoming armada.

As the only way to move about the ever-shrinking galaxy, Spaceships are one of the most necessary commodities in Olaxis. A ship is an opportunity for freedom, adventure, and escape. Few adventurers are Wealthy enough to have residence on all the planets they frequent, so travelers treat their ships as mobile homes.

The player characters get a spaceship during Character Creation. They live, eat, sleep, and work in their spaceship and have ample ways to make it their own. The ship is as much of a part of the team as any character.

Spaceship Quick Mechanical Reference

  • A spaceship’s Character Sheet tracks shared resources, such as Argent.
  • Spaceships have customizable areas where the player characters can put their own modules to modify the ship.
  • The spaceship’s magical intelligence (MI) has Health Levels that represent the spaceship’s durability. Damage done to the spaceship is inflicted to the MI’s Health Levels or results in a fire, hull breach, or damaged module.
  • Spaceships have a Livability Rating. This rating is the maximum number of Advantages and individual Nova Points the player characters can bank.


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