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Character Creation

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The character you build is more than just a resident of Olaxis—they’re one of the main protagonists in your game’s story. The characters your friends and you create drive the game’s narrative action and the world around them responds; they are people who defy chaos and corruption despite the inevitable end of existence. This section gives you step-by-step guidelines to help you create such a hero.

Before you create your character, ask your GM to create a Character Sheet for you in the Journals tab of Roll20. You can record all your character’s story information and statistics on the Character Sheet using Roll20’s Charactermancer.

Step 1: Set Expectations

Before you start recording your character’s story and statistics in Roll20, talk with your GM and fellow players about the story you want to tell together and what sort of tone it’s going to have. Creating a comedic character who bounces around making fart jokes may sound like fun, but it might not fit with the rest of the group’s story if they’re looking to play a more serious game that deals with the existential nature of existence at the end of the universe. Likewise, playing a dark, brooding character may not feel right in a game where everyone else is getting zany.

Once your group is all on the same page about what story they want to tell, discuss the individual characters you want to play. Without this discussion each player could create a hulking kith’uk who specializes in melee Combat, leaving the team without a pilot or a diplomat. If you create a diverse group of characters with a variety of Skills and abilities, your well-rounded group will be able to overcome almost any challenge and tell a dynamic story. Of course, a team of kith’uk brawlers could also be quite fun, so make sure you talk to your friends about what everyone wants to do.

Step 2: Choose a Species

Review the Species available to player characters in “Species.” Choose one and record your choice on your Character Sheet.

Step 3: Choose a Culture and Homeworld

Review the Culture options available to player characters. Choose one of the pre-existing cultures in “Cultures,” or create a Culture using the various elements provided. Record your choices using Charactermancer by picking a sample Culture and dragging it onto your Character Sheet or entering an original homeworld of your creation on the sheet.

The Culture and homeworld you pick or create grants you your starting skill dice sizes, Special Abilities, Nova Abilities, and money, which makes up the bulk of your character’s statistics.

Step 4: Choose One Story Path You’re Just Beginning

Review the Story Paths and choose one to start. At the start of the game, you are embarking on a new story and are looking to complete the 1st event of your chosen path. Inform your GM of this choice.

Step 5: Choose a Token

Roll20 allows you to select a token for your character. You can use an image you own or select from the player character tokens that come with the core rules.

Step 6: Buy Equipment

Based on the amount of Argent given to you from your choices in Culture and homeworld, use that money to purchase personal Equipment (see “Equipment”). When you are finished buying Equipment, your unspent becomes communal for all the player characters to share and should be recorded on your ship’s character sheet.

Step 7: Bio & Info

Every Roll20 Character Sheet has Bio & Info section where you can fill out your character’s story with as much or as little information as you want. What follows are some prompt questions to help you fill in this section.

  • What is your character’s name and why?
  • What does your character look like?
  • What does your character wear?
  • Does your character come from the Heartworlds, Midbelt, or Ghost Belt?
  • Who are your character’s friends and family members?
  • What did your character do before adventuring for money?
  • What does your character do for fun?
  • What does your character fear most?
  • What makes your character happy?
  • What personality flaws does your character have?
  • Who are your character’s enemies or rivals?
  • Why does your character adventure?

Step 8: Build and Name Your Spaceship

Work with your fellow players to pick a spaceship, buy modules for it, and come up with a name for your vessel and MI as a group.


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