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Burn Bryte


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Ardone System

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The Ardone System has one lush, verdant planet that revolves around a single blue star. The planet is home to many massive predators that hunt each other for food and is the place where driftlings originated.



Open cultures allow people and refugees to pass, visit, and reside freely, though they may have some requirements for entry, such as a border authority that asks questions of visitors before allowing them to enter.

Bonus: If you come from an open Culture, increase the dice sizes of one of your Social Skills to a d12, one of your Physical Skills to a d10, any other skill to a d10, any two Skills you want to a d8, and any three other skill to a d6.

Population Density


Rural cultures give people plenty of space to spread out. Neighbors in such communities could be miles away from each other and finding services can be tough, so most people fend for themselves.

Bonus: If you come from a rural Culture, increase the dice size of two of your Skills by 1.



Homogeneous cultures consist mainly of a single Species that holds most of the culture’s power and identity.

Bonus: If you come from a Homogeneous Culture, you gain two Special Abilities and two Nova Abilities from your Species.

Economic Status


Poor cultures have little or no economic opportunity. Some are centered around a single industry run by a single business that pays its workers poorly, like a mining operation. Such places are often found in the Midbelt and Ghost Belt.

Bonus: If you come from a poor Culture, you gain 2,500 Argent to buy your starting Equipment. In addition, gain one special ability from your Species.


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