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Gulgi the Magnificent

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Gulgi the Magnificent is a space station made from the corpse of an enormous Omniscient. It is the home of the Mortem Syndicate, a group of mages obsessed with discovering if there is an afterlife through practicing universally outlawed necromancy. The syndicate launches smaller Spaceships from the station to various planets, looking for experiment subjects.



In Isolationist cultures allowing outsiders a visit or attain residence is the exception, not the rule. Outsiders in such cultures are met with distrust and fear.

Bonus: If you come from an Isolationist Culture, increase the dice sizes of one of your Physical Skills to a d12, one of your Mental Skills to a d10, any other skill to a d10, any two Skills you want to a d8, and any three other Skills to a d6.

Population Density


Suburban cultures are not as crowded as urban ones, but still pack people in close enough together to form tight-knit communities.

Bonus: If you come from a Suburban Culture, you gain an additional 5000 Argent to buy your starting Equipment.



An Inclusive Culture sees at least two different Species living and working together in equal Capacity. No single Species is more important or powerful in the Culture. Interspecies romantic and platonic relationships are commonplace.

Bonus: If you come from an Inclusive Culture, you gain one special ability and two Nova Abilities from your Species. In addition, you gain an additional 5000 Argent to spend on starting Equipment.

Economic Status


Intermediate cultures have enough economic opportunity for most people to make a living, but most are not fabulously Wealthy either. Intermediate cultures can be found on the outskirts of the Heartworlds and in the Midbelt.

Bonus: If you come from an Intermediate Culture, you gain 5,000 Argent to buy your starting Equipment. In addition, increase the dice sized of two of your Skills by 1.


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