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Burn Bryte


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Pronunciation Guide

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The following pronunciation guide has the official pronunciations for proper names and other terminology in Burn Bryte.

Celestial Bodies

  • Aerenaze (er reh NAYZ)
  • Ardone (arr DOHN)
  • Bycek (BIGH sehk)
  • Cavabell (cah VAH bell)
  • Chitus (KIGH tuss)
  • Cyprit (SIGH pritt)
  • Dright (DRIGHT)
  • Echea (eh CHAY ah)
  • Fragon (frag ON)
  • Guanta (GWAHNT ah)
  • Gulgi (GULG ee)
  • Herzot (hur ZOT)
  • Lilla (LEE lah)
  • Marthong (mar THONG)
  • Murtath (mur TAHTH)
  • Nelnel (NELL NELL)
  • Nop (NAHP)
  • Olaxis (oh LAX us)
  • Olve (Uhl Vay)
  • Ozobny (OZ ob NEE)
  • Panlinh (pan LIN)
  • Pax (PAX)
  • Pholm (flam)
  • Quejua (Kay HOO ah)
  • Quinte (keen TAY)
  • Ruat (roo AT)
  • Schee (SKEE)
  • Suukap (soo kap)
  • Tsela (TSELL ah)
  • Valdi (vahl DEE)
  • Vamma (vah mah)
  • Vocha (VOH cha)
  • Yvlen (EE vlehn)
  • Zessht (ZEHSSHT)

Creatures and NPCs


  • Fogthu (FAHG thoo)
  • Vocox (voh COX)

Days of the Week

  • Aon (ay ON)
  • Dha (DAH)
  • Tri (TREE)
  • Ceithir (SAY theer)
  • Coig (COYG)
  • Sia (SEE ah)
  • Sesa (SAY sah)
  • Baghan (bah GAHN)


  • Moja (moh JAH)
  • Mbili (mm BEE lee)
  • Tatu (tah TOO)
  • Nen (NEN)
  • Tano (tah NO)
  • Sita (see TAH)
  • Saba (sah BAH)
  • Nane (nah NAY)
  • Tisa (TEE sah)
  • Kumi (koo MEE)
  • Kunye (KOON yay)
  • Rebili (reh BEE li)
  • Athu (AH thoo)

Playable Species


  • Bahiri (BAH hee REE)
  • Egan (EE gan)
  • Kosma (KOHS mah)
  • Porde (por DAY)
  • Rythwir Telanco (RITH wur tell ANK oh)
  • Senchal (SEHN chahl)
  • Vaans (VAHNS)
  • Vel (VEL)
  • Vi Marone (VIGH mur OWN)
  • Wessh (WEHSH)
  • Xura (ZUR ah)

Religious Terms

  • Allut (ah LOOT)
  • Faza (fah ZAH)
  • Goulmock (GOOL mock)
  • Maltomeck (MAL toh MEHCK)
  • Nolo (null OH)
  • Talla (tah LAH)


  • Kasna (KAHS nah)
  • Bulma (BULL mah)
  • Xallas (ZALL ahs)
  • Vella (VELL ah)
  • Caway (cah WAY)
  • Tallamo (tall AH moh)


  • Calla (CAHL ah)
  • Collites (COH lights)
  • Vyla (VIGH lah)


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